Unshakeable Performance

Developed using carefully selected materials and expert knowledge in polymer engineering, Trelleborg's extensive range of antivibration mounts have been carefully designed to remove unwanted vibration and noise for key industries across the globe. With over 100 years experience in delivering the highest quality products to market, you can be confident that Trelleborg delivers a solution that you can rely on.

Industrial solutions

Their high performance solutions enable you to fit and forget. Trelleborg anti-vibration technologies are the foundation for your sustainable productivity plans in all manufacturing and processing equipment installations.

Off-Highway solutions

Trelleborg's anti-vibration and suspension solutions prolong the lifetime of your vehicles, increase productivity, improve safety and comfort and help you to achieve environmental objectives.

The demands on off highway vehicles are more diverse and challenging than ever. So Trelleborg's solutions are built to improve safety and comfort, prolong life and optimize performance, allowing you to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and meet environmental objectives.

Rail and mass transit solutions

With over 100 years' experience in the global rail market, Trelleborg's superior materials and technology are facilitating faster, smoother, quieter and safer rail travel for a growing global population.

Despite rapid globalization, political and economic factors still demand localization. Trelleborg's 100 years' experience in the global rail industry, mean they have a deep knowledge of national and international regulations and can help you to ensure compliance through high quality, total reliability solutions.

Marine and energy solutions

Securing assets and investments is Trelleborg's specialty. Their technology supports, protects and enhances reliable performance of marine vessels and equipment in the harshest environments.