Hydropa focuses on manufacturing customized hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical system solutions according to your requirements and specifications. Theyalso concentrate on providing tailor-made safety concepts for your machines and plants. Additionally, they keep exclusive drive technology products in stock.

In addition, you will find exclusive products related to drive technology, such as their latest innovation the safety pressure switch DS6. Hydropa are improving drive technology, because they carefully analyze all key factors and provide clients with comprehensive advice. Furthermore, they support the complete implementation process.

Hydropa Pressure Gauges, Pressure Indicators and Pressure Switches

Hydropa pressure switches are characterised by long-term precision, as well as flawless reliability. We cover a wide range of applications with our all-rounder DS 307/302, the small standard DS 117/112 and our pressure switch for safety applications – which, by the way, is exclusively available at Hydropa.

Whatever pressure switch you choose, you can always rely on state-of-the-art quality combined with extremely high reliability