Remag (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1977.

We represent German companies in South Africa, and have done so very successfully for the last 40 years.

Our first approach to the industry was with mechanical parts and systems, such as:

and through the requirements of our customers expanded into the range we have to date. 

Our range took a different turn in 1980, when we ventured into the instrumentation market, where we also have been very successful.

So we have two clear divisions:

1. Engineering Components consisting of anti-vibration mountings, couplings, cardan shafts as well as precision joints. 

2. Instrumentation consisting of IMS gauging systems and Vollmer gauging systems 

We know every steel producer in the country – anyone rolling steel or precious metals! We can truly state that we have supplied all companies of this nature with various parts and systems over the past 40 years.

Through our involvement in the industry, we can also claim that we know most of the industrial companies throughout South Africa, and one way or another supply them with parts, systems, or complete plants.

We have full support and backing from our overseas suppliers in all aspects.   

On new projects, in conjunction with our overseas experts, we assist in finding a solution to any new development or application from design, right to the final product and where necessary installation and commissioning. 

Our driving force is the satisfaction of our customers and because of this we strive to give the best possible service to them!