REMAG For any VIBRATION or SHOCK PROBLEM you might have –

a solution can be offered!

 We can solve most problems where vibration and shock occur, whether related to: 

Machine tools, screens, instrumentation in structural-, mechanical- or electronic engineering, for land, underground, sea or air applications.

  • Anti-Vibration Mountings and Dampers, Visco-Dampers and Systems, Stainless steel cushions, Megi Machine Mountings
  • Bushings, power transmission especially for rail / road applications - Ultrabushings, Hydrobushes, Spherical Bearings
  • ContiTech Airides for Air Suspension, Megi Axle Springs for Bogie Suspension, All types of Compensators – steel, rubber, any shape and size for any medium and pressure.

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Our driving force is the satisfaction of our customers and because of this we strive to give the best possible service to them!

Remag can assist with solutions for your drive problems

These, as well as torsional vibration problems can be solved:

  • Highly Flexible Torsional Couplings, Curved Tooth Gear Couplings, Bellows Couplings

  • Precision Universal Joints, Ball Joints, Steering Shafts, Cardan Shafts

  • Suco Clutches: Centrifugal, Electromagnetic, Multi-Disc, Hydraulic and Pneumatic

  • Reich: Crowned Tooth Gear Couplings, Arcusaflex Highly Torsional Flexible Rubber Disc Couplings, FlexDur All Metal Couplings

  • Right Angle gearbox and/or Geared Motor combinations, Bevel Gearboxes, Worm Gearboxes 

  • Driveline, steering, exhaust systems; transmission engineering

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Remag offers pressure switch and transmitter solutions for various options such as:

Medical respirators

Gas applications 

Hydraulic and Pneumatic

As well as a wide range of transmitters

Suco: Pressure Switches, Transmitters

ESI: Sensors

Hydropa: Pressure Gauges, Pressure Indicators and Pressure Switches

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